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What is my Archetype?

Pop Quiz:

Take the quiz to discover your "home" sexual archetype. Remember there are no right or wrong 'answers! Please choose the one that best describes you:

  1. I like sex when it is playful, light, and fun.
  2. I like sex when it is explorative and daring.
  3. I like sex when it is passionate and hot.
  4. I like sex when we go beyond our comfort zones.
  5. I like sex when we share intimate secrets.
  6. I like sex when I open doors for my partner.
  7. I like sex when it is a mystical experience.
  8. I like sex when it is comfortable and close.
  9. I like sex when all of life flow is present.

All answers get an A for Aphrodsiac, and ...maybe, just maybe, the number you choose is your "home"" sexual archetype. Match your choice to the following list.

The Innocent - Discovering the fire

Playful, trusting, spontaneous, fun-loving, open to infinite possibilities, experimental
Trusting, with no agendas, no expectations, no goals, no rights or wrongs
Skin-to-skin, tuned into sensation, non-genital focused
Sweet, gentle, open-eyed, emotionally open, low intensity, open to surprise
The task is the integration of the heart.

The Adventurer - Playing with the matches

Daring, curious, fearless, explorative. The attitude of the Adventurer is “let’s try anything;” even a zucchini or a cigar will do. The focus is on arousal and excitement, what one likes or doesn’t like. The psychic task is to deepen knowledge of one’s sexual self. From discovering a new orifice, a new level of subtlety, or a different sexual orientation, the Adventurer tests preferences and limits.

The Sensualist - Enjoying the heat

The Sensualist is to connect us with our total body’s sensual capacity, including the ravenous aspect of ourselves. The task is the integration of the body. The Sensualist is passionate, delicious, embodied, sensuous Hot, steamy, sizzling, fiery, voracious, powerful, unstoppable, uninhibited, uncensored, unexpurgated, unmitigated, unrestrained, shameless, fun-loving straight from the Garden of Eden: Where we eat the apple with no remorse.

The Seeker - Turning Up the Furnace

The Seeker push the limits, the play of energy is the dynamic tension between power and surrender. The Seeker visit the unexplored, hidden corners of their psyches and go beyond their normal sexual comfort zone. The seeker is willing to be opened, vulnerable, taken apart, deconstructed. Intensity is part of the game.

The Revealer - Forging the Meaning

The Revealer makes the invisible visible, the unspeakable spoken. The Revealer is successful, confident, self expressed, powerful, charismatic, magnetic, aware, alert, interested, drawing from a deep sense of knowing, the revealer task is the integration of the mind.

The Magician - Mastering the Energy

The Magician is connected, present, embodied, serene, totally accepting, sexually powerful and masterful the Magician is available for teaching and healing and has a deep knowing of sexual magic. The Magician is aware of the process, free of goals.

The Mystic - Merging with the All-Pervading Fire

The Mystic is connected to the Divine, surrendered to ecstasy and make love with the whole universe. The Mystic is spiritual, transcendent, soulful, timeless, eternal, cosmic, magnificent, intergalactic. The Mystic integrates the spirit.

The Nurturer - Tending the Fire Anew

The Nurturer is snuggly, cozy, caring, easy, pleasing, comfortable, familiar, close, intimate, open, giving, generous, mellow, sweet, gentle, tender, appreciative, connected. The Nurturer weave safety in relationship.

The Artist - Dancing in the Fire

Natural, free spirited, fluid, unfettered, liberated creativity. In the Artist, you are….. Freee.

Oops--you picked more than one? Well, that's OK, too! Stay tuned for more on sexual archetypes and your "home" archetype.

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