Particle Economics Research Institute


PartEcon's mission is to complete a single lean-budget pure science project, namely the construction of a computational agent-based "particle economy" model (The Metabolic Collider) demonstrating several key macro economic phenomena emergent from a few fundamental accounting and other elements and their interactions - using "bottom up" techniques and results from statistical physics, mathematical biology, and formal logic.

The team:

Mike Brown
Zoe-Vonna Palmrose
Bruce Sawhill
Jim Herriot

Info on photos on this web page:
top set, left: Stuart Kauffman & Mike Brown sailing on Wings
top set, middle: The PartEcon Team: Zoe-Vonna Palmrose, Mike Brown, Bruce Sawhill, Jim Herriot
top set, right: PartEcon team and colleagues meeting at Double Island
lower set, left: Stuart Kauffman
lower set, middle: PartEcon team visits University of Texas in Austin
lower set, right: Double Island from the air (San Juan Islands, WA)

We thank our many colleagues for their enthusiastic support and encouragement including Stuart Kauffman of BiosGroup and inspirational advisor, Warren Miller of ski movie accomplishments, James Burke of PBS Connections fame, and those at BiosGroup in Santa Fe.

Additional information on Particle Economics:

  • Univ Texas Talk 01.11.05
  • coming soon: pointers to related academic papers

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